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Superheroes: The Ultimate Upstanders

Superheroes: The Ultimate Upstanders ​​

Calling all superheroes! These brave upstanders use their superpowers to stand up for unfair action and behavior – but let kids know that they have superpowers too, like kindness and courage! Create a comic book with your child and help them tell their own upstanding adventure. They can feature a superhero or an everyday hero who works hard to stand up for what is fair and right.

What You'll Need

Set Up

  1. A comic book is a series of pictures that tells a story and typically features a superhero, who stands up and takes action when they see unfairness.
  2. Let’s create our own comic book! We can download the printable from Noggin to get us started or create our own.
  3. Let’s write the words and create illustrations to tell our own comic story! Who is the hero? What does the hero do to be an upstander? What are the hero’s powers? Are they strong? Are they kind? Are they brave?

Words to Use

Comic book – a magazine that tells a story, usually about a hero, through pictures and words that are in small boxes

Hero or Upstander – someone who bravely stands up or takes action when they see something happening that isn’t right or fair

Illustration – a picture to go with words

Mighty power – a special strength/something someone can do especially well


Make a comic with one picture showing the hero and the hero’s mighty or everyday power.


Add more details to your comic book — where does your hero live, what does your hero eat, does the hero have a special friend, who does your hero help? Make a new comic book about another hero!


Writing and illustrating a book about heroes helps children learn about sequencing a story.

Extend the Learning

In Bubble Guppies “Super Guppies,” the Guppies learn about fictional characters and comic books — books that use words and pictures to tell a story. The Guppies become Super Guppies and save the city from Sid Fishy. Watch “Super Guppies” together to inspire your tiny comic book maker to create his/her own action-packed comic strip.

Comic Book Creator

The Bubble Guppies are up against a stinky villain who … wait a minute, this comic book is missing its story. Can your super story writer finish this comic adventure? Help your child draw, color, and write his or her own adventure!

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