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Halloween Surprise Ball

Boo, DIY surprise balls! Tired of candy and chocolate? We asked our friend Alice Sign for a new way to thrill our resident trick-or-treaters, and she shared her spooky fun (and easy-to-make) batty treats! It’s an adorable surprise that your kids will have a ball unwrapping. Follow @byalicesigh for more crafty ideas!

Materials Needed

Surprise Ball Filling Ideas


  1. Fill up your surprise ball with Halloween goodies.

  1. Start wrapping the surprise ball by taping the edge of the crepe streamer to the bottom of ornament.

  1. Twist the crepe paper one time, then pull it straight along the ornament to the top (opposite of where you taped it).

  1. Twist again once, then pull it straight back to the bottom of the ornament where you first began.

  1. Repeat! Moving clockwise, continue to twist, straighten, and wrap the crepe paper up and down the ornament until it is completely covered in crepe paper.

TIP: A few extra turns will provide kids with more unwrapping time.

  1. Cut the crepe paper, and tape the end to the ornament.

  1. Make bat wings! folding the black cardstock in thirds width-wise (folding in fourths works too for narrower wings).

  1. Help your child cut on the folds.

  1. Fold one of the pieces in half (hamburger).

  1. Help your child cut the cardstock piece into a bat-wing shape.

  1. Assemble bat by adding double-sided tape to the center of bat wings, then placing the surprise ball in the center.

  1. Add googly eyes & vampire teeth (optional).

Halloween Hints

  • Instead of bat wings, help your child cut cat ears and tail.
  • Make a mummy (with white creme paper).
  • Create a pumpkin (with orange crepe paper and green stem).
  • Reuse the base for other holidays!

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