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DIY Holiday Nogginville Train

From achoo to choo-choo. Craft your very own Nogginville holiday train. This fun DIY project upcycles empty tissue boxes to create a super fun train that kids can decorate and play with all season long. All aboard!

What They’ll Learn



Engineering & Architecture

What You'll Need

How to Create

Download and print the Nogginville train printable. Help your child cut the pieces, with kid-safe scissors.

Use a short tissue box to create the engine or locomotive in the front of the train. Help your child glue the Nogginville train printables to the box to add the windows, headlights, and doors, to the front and sides. (If designing your own train, cover the box with construction paper and help your child decorate or have them draw their own details).

Power your train with bubbles! Add a chimney to the top of the engine by attaching the bubble wand from the printable. For even more train power, you can also create a chimney with an empty toilet paper roll. Color it black or any color to match your child’s own personal train and attach to the top of the box.

Attach the second short tissue box to the back of the first, and add doors and wings with the printables or by designing your own.

Next, add the two long tissue boxes to create passenger cars, and cover them in paper.

Glue benches on top of the two long boxes to create seats for the passengers.

Full steam ahead! This train is ready for the tracks.

Parent Tips

  • Every train needs a conductor! Let your little learner lead this journey by including them in the process. If you’re helping your child design the train, ask them where you should draw each detail and why.
  • Stuff a tissue in the empty toilet roll so it looks like smoke is coming out of the chimney.
  • Cut out the tops of the tissue boxes so your child can add their favorite stuffies, dolls, or toys as passengers.
  • Thread and tie a sturdy piece of string or yarn through the first box so your tiny train conductor can pull their train forward.

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