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You Are My Hero

There are heroes all around us — from the doctors, EMTs, and nurses who keep people healthy to the firefighters who protect us from fire to the parents and grandparents who keep kids happy and safe! Let’s make up a story about why a member of our family is our hero.

What You'll Need

Set Up

  1. There are heroes everywhere, from our teachers to our doctors to our parents!
  2. Let’s write and illustrate a story about a member of our family who is a hero to us.
  3. What did he or she do that was brave, strong, and heroic? Let’s write it down together and then draw a picture to illustrate.
  4. When we’re done, let’s share our story with our hero!

Words to Use

Illustrate – to draw a picture to go with words

Brave – Not afraid

Heroic – Not afraid to do something


Think of reasons why someone you know is a hero and draw a picture of that person!


Write a story about another hero. Make drawings and illustrate a book about heroes: one page per hero! The grown-up can help with the writing!


Writing and illustrating a story about someone who is a hero builds literacy skills and deepens relationships.

Extend the Learning

Nella the Princess Knight is about a princess who transforms into a knight to fight for what’s right. When a friend is in trouble or justice needs to be served, Nella springs into action. Watch Nella with your preschooler and discuss how people can transform to help others.

Ask: what everyday hero would YOU want to transform into?

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