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NASA Family Extension Activity

Straw Rocket

Astronauts hitch a ride on a rocket to get to the International Space Station. Let’s make our own rocket and make it blast off by blowing through a straw!



Step 1

Print out this activity sheet to create two rockets.

Step 2

Color and cut out each rocket.

Step 3

Cut out each rectangle. Fold a rectangle lengthwise, then fold again on the top of the short end. Apply tape to the long side. This should create a pocket with an opening on the bottom.

Step 4

Tape the folded rectangle to the back of a rocket – the opening should be facing the bottom of the rocket.

Step 5

Insert straw in the opening of the folded rectangle and blow.

Step 6

Repeat with the second rectangle and rocket. Explore using your rockets together!

Ask your child, "How far does your rocket fly?"

Ask your child, “Why does your rocket fly?”

Key Vocabulary


Someone who is trained to go into space and learn more about it.


A force that makes sure that when we jump up in the air, we fall down. The space station has gravity too, almost as much as on Earth. But because the ISS is orbiting around the Earth, it makes it seem like there is a lot less gravity. That is why astronauts float in the space station.


An activity that keeps the body or mind strong.

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