Block Star Challenge

Get ready for an action-packed activity with your young athlete!

What Campers Will Learn:

Jumping, balancing and doing other exercises help campers learn about sportsmanship and keep their muscles strong!

Tap to print this block set, and then try the challenges listed below!

Try these 5 challenges with your athlete!

1. Balance Block

Place a block on your athlete’s head and have them walk from one end of the room to the other without letting the block fall. Can they run and do it? 

2. Block Roll

Start in one spot with your athlete. Each of you pick one block and roll it as far as you can. Now roll another block— which one rolls farther away? Try again!

3. Block Jump

Put a block on the floor. Jump over it with 2 feet and then have your athlete do it! Now put another block on top of the first block and jump again! Keep jumping— how many blocks high can you and your athlete jump?  

4. Hide and Dash

Have your athlete close their eyes while you hide the blocks around a room. Then count down slowly from 10 while your athlete dashes around trying to find all of the blocks before you get to 0! Switch places!

5. Block Toss

Stand in front of your athlete. You throw one block to them and they throw it back. If you both catch the block, you both take a step back. Keep going— how far can you get without dropping the block?

Try This Together! Make up your own challenges like balancing a block on your toe or tossing it like a hot potato. What other awesome ideas can you and your athlete come up with? 

Athlete Fact:

Exercises like running and jumping keep your muscles— including your heart— strong. When you do these exercises, your heart beats fast. Put your hand on your heart before you run or jump, and then feel it right after. Does it beat faster after you exercise? Keep exercising, Athlete!