Brain Exercises!

Find your way through the mazes using your muscles to twist and turn! Then spot the differences— what looks different in each picture?

What Campers Will Learn:

When children find their way through a maze or spot the differences in a picture, they have to pay close attention to detail. This helps your athlete learn how to focus and solve problems.

Sack Races

Athletes, place your finger on a path and help Dora and Boots get to the finish line! On your mark, get set, go!

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Play Ball!

Help the athletes get through the maze and to the bat, goal, or racket. Which object belongs to which player?

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Spot the Differences

There are three differences in each picture— try spotting them with your camper! Find the answers at the bottom of the page.

Try This Together! Some people make mazes you can walk through. Can you and your athlete make a maze in your living room out of pillows, toys, or other objects?

Answers to Spot the Differences: Chase’s ball, the mushroom, and the tree trunk. Molly’s hat, the ball, and the bush.