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Join the Noggin Creator's Program

Noggin is the learning service from the experts at Nick Jr., bringing over 30+ years of preschool edutainment experience into a smart and fun tool for kids ages 2–7.

This summer, Noggin is inviting creative people like you to apply for an 8 week immersion program with real work experience. This is a unique opportunity for emerging creators to be mentored by industry experts while learning how to develop a final content product tailored for young kids.

As a participant, you will be provided with equipment to create the content and you will be coached and mentored by Noggin’s award-winning animation and live-action teams.

No previous professional experience is required to participate. We’re just looking for people with great ideas!

8 week program

Get paired with a mentor

Learn how to develop kids' content

Pitch your idea

What is this program about?

  • Participants will develop a new piece of short-form content (no longer than 5 minutes). This could be either animated or live action video, stop motion, photography, podcast, game, developing a character or any format for young kids.
  • Noggin will provide participants with the mentorship and resources to make it happen.
  • Each participant will be paired with another creator with complementary skills to develop their project.
  • Upon completion of the program, participants will present their projects to the Noggin Executive Team who will choose at least one of the projects for further development.
  • This 8 week program will provide participants with exposure to careers within the media, content, creative and learning space while teaching them how to create a content piece from scratch.
  • Participants will be able to use the final product developed in this program for their personal/professional portfolios.

Who can apply?

  • The program is open to Southern California residents between 18 and 24 years old.
  • Although no previous professional content creation experience is necessary, it is always appreciated.
  • We are looking for:
    • Content creators/people passionate about content creation and storytelling, with any of the following skills:
      • Video production/video creation
      • Video editing
      • Animation
      • Audio production
      • Social media content creation
      • Illustration
      • Photography
      • Writing
      • Overall content ideation
    • Candidates must be able to provide practical examples of their creative work (at least 3).
      • These can include: personal projects, school projects, content created on personal social media accounts, any project done for third parties, non-public passion projects or even any type of creation made specifically to apply to this opportunity. Anything that can show us what their creative and content creation capabilities are.
      • Even sketches or things you have created with your own phone!

If you are interested in being part of this amazing program, please fill out the following registration form.

Registration closes on March 31st, 2023.


No. No previous experience or skills are required. This program aims to show you how to explore your creativity and see all the things that you can create with it.

No. Noggin is a learning servicemade with preschoolers in mind. Therefore, any project developed during the program must follow the same principle.

Register by clicking HERE before March 31st, 2023.

No. Noggin will provide each of the participants with hardware and software to develop their content piece.

Yes. Participants must be 18-24 years old by the time their application form is submitted.

Most of the program will be held on remote sessions via Zoom or similar, but there will be a couple of events where participants will have the opportunity to visit the Nickelodeon studios and offices.

Yes. All participants will be placed in a paid residency with Noggin for the duration of the program.

LA County will assist in screening participants who qualify for a residency wage subsidy.

Participants will have access to different types of content development and production mentorship during the 8 week program. This includes assigned Noggin staff mentors and peer-to-peer support. 


Participants whose projects are not selected for further development will receive portfolio building and additional mentorship and guidance on soft and hard professional skills.


All participants will receive additional job readiness and skill development support through mentorship and project-based learning detailed above. Additional support will include: Interviewing, mock interviews, communication, resume creation, social skills, time management, organization, problem-solving, and career counseling.

The team who created the project selected by the executive team will get the opportunity to engage with the Noggin team to keep developing the project in the future, with details to be defined by both parties.

Noggin is the learning service from the experts at Nick Jr., bringing over 30+ years of preschool edutainment experience into a smart and fun tool for kids ages 2–7.