Posted on March 17, 2020

Hand Washing Tips for Kids

Wash Your Hands Song

Get sudsy and sing this tune with your kiddo. Singing for 20 seconds while lathering up at the sink is a fun way to help kids wash the germs away.

Posted by NOGGIN on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Wash Those Hands with the Guppies!

Tops, bottoms, all around and in-between. Keep hands clean with the help of the Guppies! Sing the chorus from this awesome Guppy song to get your kid’s hands squeaky clean during each soapy session. 

Try These Sink-Side Activities!

We’ve all heard the CDC recommends washing hands for at least 20 seconds. Seems like such a short period of time but with kiddos trying to run off, you may find it gets a little slippery keeping them at the sink for that long. Next time you’re in the bathroom, keep kids calm, clean and collective with these 20-second sink-side challenges!

• Play a simple brain game with your kids. What words can they come up with that start with “S,””O,” “A,” and “P”?

• Lather up those hands and ONLY when they are nice and clean (wink, wink) can they be used as hand wands to make bubbles. Keeping hands a safe distance away from your mouth (make sure they’re clean and extra soapy), turn them into hand wands. Cup your hands and blow a big bubble! Who can blow the biggest bubble? Be sure to scrub hands once more after you’re done blowing bubbles. 

•Challenge kids to say this silly tongue twister: “Blaze blew a billion bouncy bubbles, a bunch of bouncy bubbles blew by Blaze. If Blaze blew a billion bouncy bubbles, how many bubbles did Blaze blow?” Whew! Can they get it right in 20 seconds?

• Play a quick game of sink, float, swim… A soapy spin on rock, paper, scissors! (Rock being sink. Paper being the gesture that floats. And scissors being swim). Let’s see who wins! Play a game between each lather, and the winner rinses first.

Missed a Spot?

Make sure to wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds and pay extra close attention to frequently missed places.

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