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Watch Kinderwood Exclusively in Noggin!

When kids watch Kinderwood, they grow to understand social-emotional skills each time the Kinderkids explore their emotions and solve problems through investigation, trying things, making mistakes, making discoveries, interacting with each other, and using their imaginations!

About Kinderwood

Kinderwood is an extraordinary preschool where five best friends, Olive, FiFi, LupLup, Liddo, and DD, can’t wait to go to each day. The “Kinderkids” play, explore, and solve problems together, in a fantastical world able to transform into magical environments, based on their needs, questions, or imaginations.

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Kinderwood Curriculum

Your kids are learning as they watch Kinderwood!

• Managing Emotions
• Social Skills
• Friendship building
• Problem-solving skill

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Noggin has social-emotional learning! 

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