Set Your Child's Learning Goals

You Selected Mostly B’s:

  • You may be looking for ways to help your child grow their literacy skills
  • Your child may be learning literacy skills at home or in school
  • Your child may be interested in Space
  • Your child may be a fan of the Bubble Guppies or shows like it

GOAL: Build Your Child’s Literacy Skills

Here are areas and skills you can begin to focus on when teaching literacy to your budding bookworm:

Talking & Listening– learn 2 or 3 new words a week

Reading & Writing – identify syllables. This will help prepare your child for reading

Words & Sounds- identify letters and the sounds they make

Recommended Activities

Kids learn through play, and their favorite Nick Jr. characters are waiting to lead them on learning adventures that will help them practice the literacy goals you set out for them. Based on your selections, here are activities in Noggin we think your child may enjoy:

Find these activities in the Math section of the Noggin app.

Practice: Letter Sounds
Practice: Syllables
Practice: Vocabulary Building

Set More Goals: