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Noggin’s here to help your child explore the United States of America, as we take field trips to different parts of our country and learn about them through singing and dancing with some of our favorite Noggin characters!

Print a Map Poster

Let's Play!

Guess where Emmanuel, Rubble, Skye, and the rest of the class are headed!

Hint #1

Emmanuel’s first stop is in a very busy city that’s home to a huge famous statue. This statue stands in the water, welcoming friends near and far to the United States!

Hint #2

Emanuel is visiting this peninsula state, which is home to many groups of Indigenous Americans, like the Seminole people.

Hint #3

Emmanuel’s next stop? A big city in California where lots of people live and work, and where you can find food from many different cultures. One more hint: It’s famous for a big sign on the mountain!

Hint #4

Coming Soon

Hint #5

Emmanuel and the gang are headed to a national park–in fact, it was the first national park in the United States! This huge park is home to many wildlife, waterfalls, hot springs, and geysers–including one named Old Faithful.

Hint #6

The Noggin Knows bus is headed to one of the state capitals. A long river runs through the entire city, which is famous for its music and musicians. It’s particularly famous for folk music.

Find Santiago

Hint: Santiago is learning about a big city, where lots of people live and work, and where you can find food from many cultures!

Find Rubble

Hint: Rubble is learning about folk music in Nashville, a city where people love to sing and make music!

Find Molly

Hint: She’s learning about how the Seminole people use Chickees as places to be with their friends and families and eat food!

Find Skye

Hint: She’s near the Statue of Liberty. This statue welcomes people to the United States of America!

More Map Activities

Conversation Starter

Look at the map and pick a picture or place that looks interesting. Where is it in the United States of America? Look it up and learn about it! Print the colorable map and color all of the places you have visited or want to visit!

Eye Spy People & Things

Play a game of Eye Spy with your child. Look at the map, pick a picture or place, and describe it. When your child finds the object, talk about what it is and why it is where it is on the map!

Let's Count!

How many states can you find on the map that start with the letter M? How many pictures are in the state of Florida? Keep counting!

Answer: New York City

Answer: Florida

Answer: Nashville

Answer: Monterey Bay

Answer: Yellowstone National Park

Answer: Los Angeles