The star of Blue’s Clues, Blue, is a girl puppy who communicates to Steve and Joe through barks, which they understand. Every episode she initiates a game of Blue’s Clues in which she leaves three paw print clues for Steve or Joe and the viewer to find in order to a question.


Steve is the host of Blue’s Clues for the first four seasons. Steve lives in an animated world and is Blue’s caregiver. Steve is always ready to play Blue’s Clues and always needs the viewer’s help to figure out problems and find clues. Steve loves anything that is green-striped, just like his shirt.


Joe is Steve’s brother. When Steve leaves for college on a hopscotch scholarship, Joe stays with Blue and becomes the host of the show. Joe loves squares, just like the ones on his shirt, and can’t wait to play a game of Blue’s Clues.

Sidetable Drawer

Sidetable Drawer lives in the living room, to the left of the Thinking Chair. She usually has a telephone on top of her, unless she is in another room. Sidetable Drawer is the keeper of Steve’s Handy Dandy Notebook.


Magenta is Blue’s best friend from school. She looks exactly like Blue except she is magenta with magenta-colored spots. Magenta likes photography and making macaroni picture frames.

Salt & Pepper Family

Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and their daughter Paprika live in the kitchen. Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper are from Paris and are cooks. Paprika is still a baby. She drinks from a bottle, has a pacifier, and a baby gummy teddy bear.


Mailbox lives at the foot of the pathway in front of Blue’s house. He sits on a post, and gets the mail, delivering it when it comes. When he delivers the mail, he comes in through the living room window to the right of the Thinking Chair, on an “extendo” arm. Mailbox fancies himself quite the comedian.

Pail & Shovel

Pail and her brother Shovel live in the backyard at Blue’s house. They love to talk and giggle, and can often be found building sandcastles in the sand table.