Shimmer is all heart – a sweet, loveable ball of enthusiastic energy, always looking for ways to maximize the fun. She’s bright, cheerful, giggly and an eternally optimistic dreamer. Always having the time of her life, Shimmer loves nothing more than doing what she’s doing at any given moment. She thinks her sister Shine has the BEST ideas. Wherever she goes, her pet Gibbon monkey Tala is always by her side. Or on her shoulder. Or on her head.


Shine is sassy, courageous, and confident. Even though they’re twins, Shine comes across as the older sister (technically she is, but only by a minute). Shine has plenty of words of wisdom … that she makes up on the spot. Shine’s spunky, bold, and witty. Her energy cannot be tied down by seriousness, formalities or etiquette. But there is one thing that makes Shine melt: animals, especially her pet Bengal tiger cub Nahal.


Shimmer’s Gibbon monkey is a sweet, playful goofball who likes to climb all over Shimmer and sit on her shoulders and head. She’ll also climb just about anything to reach whatever shiny object catches her eye – from flowers to jewels to genie bottles. Tala has a touch of vanity to her and loves to dress up and look at herself in the mirror. Her endless curiosity and mischief are a big part of her monkey nature.


Nahal is Shine’s Bengal tiger cub. This cute kitty likes to pounce on whatever strikes her fancy – anything from food to a toy she can bat around with her paw. Like her owner, Nahal is silly and feisty, but she can also be a bit of a scaredy-cat. She tends to be more cautious than Tala and is easily startled by sudden movements, sounds, crashes or bangs. But Nahal melts any time Shine scratches her belly.


Leah is warm, caring and thrilled to have secret genies as her best friends. Sincerely interested in others’ feelings, she does whatever it takes to make the people she cares about happy. Leah is straightforward, honest, and very patient … and thank goodness, because her genies make a lot of mistakes! She is also the most grounded of the trio. Her natural instinct is to be calm and to think things through before she acts, so having Shimmer and Shine as her genies keeps her on her toes!


Sweet, quirky, and kindhearted Zac is Leah’s good friend and next-door neighbor. Zac is bright and goofy, but in an endearing way. He has an amazing ability to shrug away the weird genie stuff happening around him, often sharing a ridiculous story from his own experiences to justify the shenanigans Leah finds herself involved in.