Wally Trollman is a playful and adventurous six-year-old troll with the most magical power of all: the power of words! With a wave of his magic stick, Wally can make words come to life.


Wally’s pet dragon Norville is loyal, lovable and playful. He likes playing fetch, flying, eating dragon treats, and laughing so hard he accidentally breathes fire.


Impulsive and egocentric, Bobgoblin has a knack for finding trouble. This silly neighborhood goblin is never far behind Wally and Norville, waiting behind a bush or in a tree to pop out and cause mischief!

Gina Giant

Quirky and imaginative Gina Giant is one of Wally’s best friends. Her love for make-believe, story-telling, and giant words make the little girl giant larger than life!

Ogre Doug

 Wally’s good friend Ogre Doug is a thoughtful and gentle seven-year-old ogre. As the neighborhood’s creature expert, he likes studying creatures, playing with creatures and writing songs about creatures. Also, he likes to hug.

Libby Lite Sprite

Wally’s good friend Libby is a spunky, fast-flying and highly energetic Light Sprite. She often uses her word powers to make spectacular things happen during her adventures with Wally.