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What learning skills are your kids mad for? Explore more of our four Noggin learning programs, and fill in our bracket to discover which one will score the most points with your little learner.

Big Hearts: Social & Emotional Learning

A big assist for little kids’ development. Nurturing social and emotional skills, including empathy, friendship, self-identity, and problem-solving.


Feelings & Friendship

Paw Patrol

Feeling Faces: Rubble

Tales from the Playground

Kale’s Super Slide Race

Brave Explorers: Knowledge & Discovery

Expanding kids’ knowledge of the arts, sciences, and different cultures is a big win with games and videos that score high on fun.

On the Job

Rocket Engineer

Noggin Knows

Indigenous Americans

On the Job


Mighty Minds: Math & Literacy

Power forward their math and literacy skills with pro games and interactive missions!


The Penguins' Tricky Trek

The Noggins 123

Pack a Snack

Peppa Pig

Hide 'n Seek

What's the Word

What's the Word?


The Noggins ABC

Word Family Reunion

The Noggins ABC

Skye’s Song Squad

Healthy Heroes: Wellness

Create a good defense for kids by exercising their healthy habits! Our Healthy Heroes program centers around mental and physical wellness as well as nutrition and self-care.

Noggin Knows

Wiggle Break

Yoga Friends

Happy Hands Yoga

School of Yum

Yogurt Bark Snack

Give Noggin a Try

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Kid-safe & ad-free

New content added weekly

Accessible on multiple devices

Downloadable books & games for offline play