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Thanksgiving Toolkit

From table manners and cooking together to managing big feelings, Noggin’s interactive games, engaging activities, and learning videos help prep your little one for the big holiday!

Help for Holiday Prep

School of YUM: Yummy Apple Galette

Make Thanksgiving even sweeter by cooking up this delicious dessert with your little chef while helping them to learn about math and chemistry!

Winner at Dinner

Before the big holiday meal, help your child be a winner at dinner with this music video all about table manners.

JoJo and Gran Gran: It's Time for a Special Visitor

Do you have someone special visiting for the holiday? So does JoJo, and she learns that the best part of having a visitor come is spending time with someone you love.

Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark and Friends

Get hands-on with healthy habits in this fun musical adventure with Baby Shark – all about washing hands!

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Grateful Jar

Some of our favorite Noggin friends are drawing things they're grateful for. Can your child guess who's grateful for what? What is your child grateful for?

Blue's Clues & You!: Thankful with Blue

Josh has created a Thankful Book, and he’s on a quest to find out what all his friends – including Blue – are thankful for. What would be in your family’s Thankful Book?

Dora's Thanksgiving Parade

Get festive with Dora and Boots as they save the Thanksgiving Day parade.

Moments of Mindfulness

Yoga on the Go-Ga: 5 Senses Countdown

A big holiday celebration can sometimes be overwhelming for the senses. Let Yoga Friends teacher Stephanie help lead you and your little one through a calming countdown.

Yoga on the Go-Ga: Happy Hands Yoga

Did you know anyone can practice yoga at the Thanksgiving table? Stephanie shows us how to help fidgety hands and fingers practice fine motor skills with hand yoga poses.

Noggin Knows On the Road: Wiggle Break

Whether traveling for the holidays or sitting still for a long meal, kids – and grown-ups – could use this wiggle break with Emmanuel from Noggin Knows.

Big Holiday, Big Feelings

Feeling Faces: Rubble

Rubble on the double! In this interactive experience, Rubble actually listens to your child and encourages them to name and express emotions -- which helps them to manage their big feelings.

School of YUM Quick Bites: Funny Food Faces

Spats’s fun (and funny!) Food Faces Game helps kids identify what emotions may look like through food.

Big Heart Awesome Show with Santiago

Ahoy! Join Santiago as he talks to friends about how they’re feeling – and how they express these emotions!

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