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Watch Santiago of the Seas in Noggin!

When kids set sail with this interactive animated series, they’ll go on learning adventures with a young leader named Santiago Montes. He’s brave, kind-hearted, and he’s a pirate who’s always up for action-packed quests on his magical ship, El Bravo! This preschool series features Latino-Caribbean culture and Spanish language.

About Santiago of the Seas

Santiago uses his “moral compass” to spread good over the high seas. But he can’t do it alone – he must work together with his pirate crew of best friends: his comical cousin Tomás who plays an enchanted guitar, Lorelei, a mermaid who can use her magical pearl bracelet to transform into a human, and his cute coquí frog Kiko who lives atop his pirate hat. But the most important crewmate is YOUR pint-sized pirate, who provides crucial interactive input to help Santiago save the day – especially when it comes to outsmarting his rival pirate, Bonnie Bones, as well as other rogues and rascals sailing the seven seas.  

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Santiago of the Seas Curriculum

Your kids are learning while they watch Santiago of the Seas

• Spanish-language
• Latino-Caribbean culture
• Math
• Leadership & teamwork

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