Posted on May 18, 2020

Visit the Biggest Trees on Earth!

💡Skill: Learning about new places and things helps children build language skills, curiosity, and memory!


Pack a picnic and our scavenger hunt printable and head out on a virtual field trip to see the biggest trees in the world — Giant Sequoias — right from home!


Scavenger hunt printable


Here’s how to explain this activity to your child:

  • Let’s grab a picnic and print/download our scavenger hunt printable.
  • It’s time to go with your Noggin friends on a hike into the forest in California to see the biggest trees on Earth — the Giant Sequoias!
  • These trees are giant pine trees: they start out as seedlings, grow into saplings, spire tops, mature trees … and then giants, whose trunks can be 30 feet wide and 250 feet tall. That’s the height of about 43 average height dads standing one on top of the other!
  • What will we discover on our virtual hike?

Extend the Learning 

Ready to go on a virtual tour to see the Giant Sequoias? Print, tour and then learn more by going on another virtual hike guided by a park ranger.

Words to Use 

  • Giant – very big
  • Picnic – eating a meal outdoors
  • Discover – to find something you didn’t expect