Posted on March 17, 2020

Bunny Hop

Rabbits like Peter Rabbit love the spring! Let’s pretend to be bunnies and hip-hop all over our home, rabbit style!


Bunny ears, eye pencil whiskers, and cotton ball tails are all optional


1. When people think of “spring” they think about animals like bunnies.

2. Let’s put on our bunny ears, cottontails, and whiskers and pretend we’re Peter Rabbit. Now, let’s have a bunny hop!

3. We’ll hop from here to there and back again — all around home. Extra points for safe and speedy bunnies!

Words to Use:

Bunny – a small rabbit
Hop – to move by jumping


Create a short route for your little bunny to hop — like from one chair to another. Once he or she masters a little hopping, try more!


Create a bunny obstacle course, with pillows and furniture. See if your family’s rabbit colony can hop around, under, over, and through your warren’s obstacle course!


Hopping like a bunny is muscle building and giggle producing. 

Extend the Learning:

Watch a Peter Rabbit adventure — on Noggin — with your child to learn about rabbits’ habits. How does Peter move? Where does he live? What does he eat?

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