Posted on May 27, 2020

Dot a Picture!

💡Skill: Doing art projects builds the small muscles in their wrists, hands, and fingers.


Georges Seurat is a famous artist who made paintings by using dots (a technique called pointillism). Learn how to dot a picture of nature with your child!


☑ Paper

☑ Paint or markers or crayons

☑ Cotton swab


Here’s how to explain this activity to your child:

  • Let’s think about something from nature that we want to paint: a park, a beach, a flower, etc.
  • Draw the outline of the picture on a piece of paper. Now, let’s pretend we are a famous artist and make the picture using a technique called pointillism — which means lots of little dots.
  • Dip your cotton swab in the paint, and dot the inside of the outline you drew — cover the whole picture with dots of paint! You can also use markers or crayons to make the dots!
  • What else can we paint?

Extend the Learning 

Take a stroll through the museum and learn about moosterpieces with Moose and Zee! 

Words to Use 

  • Outline – a drawing
  • Artist – someone who creates a painting, a sculpture, etc.
  • Pointillism- a painting technique with small dots