Posted on March 17, 2020

Grow Green and Grow Sprouts with Rocky

In spring, leaves grow back on trees that have been brown all winter and flowers bloom. Let’s go green like Rocky and see if YOU have a green thumb! Can we get a bean to sprout in this first week of spring?


Ziploc bag, dry beans (like lima beans or whatever is on hand!), tape, paper, pencil/markers, paper towel, water


1. Let’s experiment to see what happens when we try to grow beans!

2. Let’s wet a paper towel and fold it so it fits into a plastic baggie. Now, let’s put a few dry beans into the bag and seal it. Let’s tape the bag to a sunny window.

3. Predict: will they grow? [Pro tip: if your child is anxious about what the bean will become, ask questions and make predictions together. What color do you think it will be? How tall do you think it will grow? How many days will it take to change?]

4. Let’s draw pictures of the beans every day this week. What changes do we see?

Words to Use:

Observe – to watch
Root – a part of a plant that grows down in the ground
Sprout – to begin to grow
Experiment – a procedure to make a discovery or test a hypothesis


Draw the outline of the bean for your tiny farmer and ask him or her to color it in and point out the changes that he or she observes over the course of the week!


Ask your child to label the parts of the bean (seed, root, stem, leaves) and write the date on each observation.


Watching a bean grow and drawing it as it sprouts will help your little one learn about the science of how plants grow, observe closely, and represent what he or she sees!

Extend the Learning:

If your kid loves gardening, try playing Garden Rescue in the Noggin app, which you can find in the game section. 

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