Posted on March 27, 2020

Hero Breathing

Peppa Pig counts it out when she is nervous or angry, breathing like a hero. You and your child can do this too when you feel worried or upset — just like Peppa! You’ll be practicing an often overlooked but amazing power: breathing!



Set up (help explain this activity to your child):

1. Just like Peppa, we have a secret power: breathing. When we breathe deeply, we immediately slow down our heartbeats, improve our memory, and power up our immune systems.

2. First, let’s run in place or jump up and down for 1 minute. Let’s stop and put our hands on our hearts!

3. Now, let’s prepare to breathe like a hero — kneel on the floor with our knees together and our feet pointed behind us, with our bottoms on our legs and sitting up straight.

4. While in this special pose, let’s take 10 deep breaths and count them as we breathe. Does your heart slow down? Do you notice any other changes?

Words to Use:

Breathe – when air goes in and out of the lungs

Immediately – right away

– ability to do something

– a certain position that your body is in

– to sit on your knees on the floor


Practice breathing deeply and counting to 5 together.  


Try jumping up and down for a minute. Feel your heart. Take 5 deep breaths and feel your heart. Now take 5 more deep breaths and feel your heart. Compare how your heart beats. Try breathing deeply when you’re feeling really upset about something. Does deep breathing and counting to 10 help you feel better?


Counting to 10 helps your hero practice math skills, and deep breathing helps him or her learn how to calm down and think more clearly.

Extend The Learning:

When kids are frustrated or a little tense, remind them that they have a super power to boost their mood. Peppa Pig is super cool and can help activate kids’ calming power by counting it out.

Watch Now:

Count it Out!

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