Posted on March 17, 2020

It’s the Season of … Incredible Kids!

Tomorrow is Incredible Kid Day, but we’re starting our celebration early because there are so many amazing kiddos in the Noggin community — and we need a reason to celebrate right about now. Today, Noggin kids have an extra incredible kid power: when they say “SPRING!” everyone has to spring up and dance. 


Optional magic wand (or magic spatula)


Optional magic wand (or magic spatula)

1. Today, in honor of Incredible Kid Day, you have an extra incredible kid power: when you say “SPRING,” everyone in the room has to spring up and dance!

2. Let’s find or decorate a magic wand you can use today — it could be a kitchen spoon or something we create with supplies from home like a paper towel roll or a comb with ribbons attached.

3. Let’s test your powers! Say “SPRING!” and we’ll all dance. We might be dancing ALL DAY LONG.

Words to Use:

Dance – to move rhythmically to music
Incredible – extraordinary, very special
Power – the ability to do something or act in a particular way
Spring – Spring can be a noun that describes the season or it can be a verb (action word) that describes the action of jumping up suddenly


Skip the magic wand — just say the word SPRING and dance!


Talk with your Incredible Kid about his or her special power. How does it make them feel? 


Acknowledging how incredible your kid is and giving him or her a special power is great for having fun and building loving attachment between parents and kids.

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