Posted on March 27, 2020

Mighty Moves

The PAW Patrol pups use their super strengths to save the day. What are YOUR super strengths? Let’s practice them!


-Something to mark the floor and wall, such as tape or chalk
-Something a little bit heavy, such as a big pillow or a can


1.The PAW Patrol pups use their mighty moves and super strengths to save the day. What are OUR mighty moves and super strengths?

2. Let’s go to hero training to practice our strengths.

3. Let’s make a starting line. How far can we jump forward? How high can we jump? How many times can we lift something heavy up and down? Wow! You have mighty moves and super strengths!

4. What other super strengths can we practice? Let’s be super together!

Words to Use:

Strength – the ability to do something

– practicing or doing something over and over to get better at it

Starting line – where you begin


Do some easier exercises together! How big can we step? How many times can we lift our arms up and down into the air?


Have a competition! Who can jump the farthest? Who can do the most jumping jacks? Who can do 10 crunches?


Doing exercises like these grow little heroes’ muscles and keep them super strong!

Extend The Learning:

Rubble, the super pup, wants to save the day his way in “Pups Save a Super Pup.” Watch with your child and talk about how Rubble uses his super strength to help others.

Note to Parents: In this episode, Rubble helps his friends complete their “chores,” and kids learn that big jobs require all paws on deck!

If your kid is inspired to be like super pup Rubble, give them chore challenges like, “How fast can he/she pick up the toys from the floor?” You can thank us later for helping to activate your kid’s super clean-up powers!

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