Posted on April 5, 2020

Rhyme Time Challenge

⛅ Recommended Morning Activity

Rhyme and bounce to get our minds and bodies charged up for the day!


  • Let’s warm up our minds and bodies to start the day!
  • Let’s see how many rhymes we can make with the word “new.” Every time one of us says a rhyme, we’ll both jump in the air.
  • Ready … set … go: it’s rhyme time! [Hint: shoe, blue, do, stew, moo, threw, shampoo…]
  • How many rhymes and jumps did we do this morning? We can try to rhyme other words, too, like “cat,” “dog,”and red.” What other words can YOU think of to rhyme?

Rhyme Time with Wallykazam!

Posted by NOGGIN on Saturday, April 4, 2020

Watch Wally’s “Rhyme or Slime” segment to get started.

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