Posted on April 26, 2020

Save the Animals!

💡Skill: Pretending to protect animals helps children learn to care for others and begin to understand how to keep animals safe.


There are a lot of animals with awesome powers who are endangered and need our help! When animals are endangered there are not many left on Earth, and they could become extinct. Work with your child to save the animals!


Printables (optional)

☑ Toy animals


Here’s how to explain this activity to your child:

  • Diego rescues animals in the jungle — like gorillas and tigers —  who need help. Let’s help him rescue animals by pretending with our toy animals.
  • It’s very hot out today. Your animals need water to drink! Let’s bring them some.
  • Oh no! One of your animals has hurt his leg. How can we help?
  • How else can we pretend to help our animals? You are an animal hero!

Extend the Learning

Print our fun fact coloring book for your kids; check out the World Wildlife Fund to learn how to help animals; and meet some really cool gorillas with Diego!

Words to Use 

  • Endangered – In trouble 
  • Extinct – No longer alive 
  • Jungle – A warm area with lots of trees and animals 
  • Rescue – To save
  • Safe – Not in trouble 

Pro Tip 

You can help your little hero choose one animal to help. For a challenge, ask your child to write a story about saving an endangered animal.

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