Posted on March 17, 2020

Spring has Sprung!

Let’s act out signs of spring with the Bubble Guppies in honor of the Spring Equinox, the first day of spring!




1. It’s spring! Today’s the first day of spring. Let’s talk about OUR favorite signs of spring — rain and sun, buds and flowers, baby animals!

2. Eggs are a hatchin’! In The Spring Chicken Is Coming” episode, the Bubble Guppies wait for the Spring Chicken to announce the start of Spring! They even prepare by doing the spring chicken dance watch now!  Now let’s chicken dance and pretend to be the Spring Chicken and announce the first day of the new season! You and your child can watch The Spring Chicken is Coming on Noggin to learn more about Spring.

3. Flowers are blooming! Now, let’s pretend to be seeds, growing into flowers. Curl up and pretend to be a tiny seed planted in the soil. Now, imagine that the sun shines and rain falls. What happens? How do you move and grow? You’re getting bigger! Can you sprout leaves and a flower? Stand on one foot like a stem! Move in the wind! Turn your flower to face the sun!


Stand facing each other as you act out the spring moves, so you can learn from each other. It’s OK to fall over and try again!


What other spring signs can you act out with your bodies? Can you be birds flying around your apartment or bunnies hopping from one side of the room to the other? Can you stretch like a tree growing taller or float slowly through the air like spring pollen? Be creative!


When your little naturalist acts out the signs of spring with his or her whole body, it’s strengthening his/her muscles and helping him/her learn about the new season.

Extend the Learning:

You and your child can watch Spring Chicken on Noggin to learn more about Spring. Find it in the Bubble Guppies section of the app.

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