Posted on March 27, 2020

Super Floater

In Blues Clues, Blue tests whether objects have the power to float. Let’s do our own experiment to see what things in OUR home have the power to float!

Sink or Float with Steve & Blue

Posted by NOGGIN on Saturday, March 28, 2020


-Your bathtub
-Plastic, wood, and metal objects from around home

Set up (help explain this activity to your child):

1. Let’s fill our bathtub with water.

2. Now let’s find 10 things from around home that can get wet. A few ideas: LEGOs, blocks, empty bottles, plastic cups, paper clips, apples….

3. Which ones do you think have the power to float? Let’s predict.
Now let’s do an experiment to test whether our predictions were right! Which ones float and which ones sink?

Words to Use:

Experiment – a test to see if something is true

– a guess about what will happen

– to see if something is true

– to stay on top of the water

– to go below the water


Start with 2 objects and predict if they will sink or float.


Test more objects. Does ALL plastic float or sink? What about ALL wood? What about things that are hollow inside? Keep testing!


Making predictions and then testing them helps your budding scientist learn how to ask questions and find the answers.

Extend The Learning:

Watch this Blue’s Clues learning moment with your child and use your super science skills to predict how each experiment will go. 

Sink or Float with Joe:

Sink or Float with Joe

Posted by NOGGIN on Saturday, March 28, 2020
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