Posted on March 17, 2020

That Rhymes with Spring!

Practice spring rhymes!




1.Let’s take turns making spring rhymes until we run out…who will think of more? [Hints: king, sling, shoestring, bee sting…]

2. Now, let’s take turns rhyming another springy word: chick. [hints: quick, brick, picnic, toothpick]

3. Let’s try a third: bloom [Hints: fume, zoom, classroom, playroom]

4. What other spring words can we rhyme?

Words to Use:

Rhyme – two words that sound alike because they have similar endings


With your child, try to think of 2 or 3 rhymes per word.


Make pictures of the central words and then write the rhymes all around. If your little one is practicing letters, give him or her the chance to try writing some of the words.


Rhymes are an important early literacy skill.

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