Posted on April 18, 2020

Recycled Masterpiece

💡Skills: Creating art from recyclable materials builds your little artist’s creativity and helps him or her think about how to take care of our Earth. 


Famous artists create art from recyclable materials like bottle caps, car parts, paper tubes, and old magazines. You and your child can be artists who care about the Earth and create a masterpiece from things you find in your recycling bins.


☑ Recyclable materials, like empty egg cartons or cereal boxes

☑ Craft materials you have at home like paint, glue, tape, and string

Set Up 

Here’s how to explain this activity to your child:

  • Peppa Pig loves to create her own artistic masterpieces. Today, we’re going to create something beautiful — and we’re going to do it with things we find in our recycling bin so we are protecting the Earth!
  • First, let’s collect items (like empty egg cartons, cereal boxes, oatmeal containers, and toilet paper tubes). YOU can turn almost anything into art!
  • What should we create? Let’s use tape or glue and other craft supplies we have at home to create our own Earth-friendly recycled masterpieces!
  • Tell me about your art! What else can we make?

Pro Tip:

If this is too easy, have your little artist make a gallery of his or her art created using recyclable objects. Write down an explanation of each masterpiece! If you want to take a simpler approach, try having your child pick one object — like an empty egg carton — and color it with markers or crayons!

Extend the Learning

Watch as Madame Gazelle assigns an eco-friendly art project to Peppa’s class, and then learn to create one with cereal boxes and other household objects! 

Words to Use 

  • Masterpiece– a very special work of art
  • Artists – someone who makes art
  • Create – to make
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