Posted on March 27, 2020

YOUR Hero Name

Heroes have many different names, like Mighty Troll and Wonder Dragon (from Wallykazam!). Let’s figure out YOUR hero name and create your hero logo!


-Printable (optional)

Set up (help explain this activity to your child):

1. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and have all different names. What is YOUR hero name?

2. Let’s write the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper. Now, let’s cut each letter out and turn them over and mix them up.

3. Pick 4 – 6 letters. Can you make a funny name out of your letters? Try putting your letters together with another word, like “Super,” “Fast,” “Incredible,” or “Wonder.” What is your new hero name?

4. Now, draw a picture to go with your name. Is your logo a cat, a dragon, a lightning bolt, or something YOU created on your own?

Words to Use:

Logo – a picture that goes with a name

Lightning bolt – the flash you see in the sky during a thunderstorm


Think of a name together! Add a funny word to your own hero name like Static Fuzz Sam or Songbird Sarah!


What special power goes with your name? Can you leap over buildings? Fly through the air? Zap people to make them learn new things? Try making hero names for everyone else in your family!


Putting letters together helps your young hero learn about words and sounds. Making silly words is a fun way to learn how to read and write!

Extend The Learning:

Get inspired to play superheroes with Wally and his friends, and learn some SUPER words that start with the letter J. Watch Wallykazam!’s “Captain Animal” and ask your kids, “What super words can you think of that start with the letter J?

Your Hero Name Game:

Parents, cut and fold the printable as shown. Once the name generator is ready, insert both your index fingers and thumbs into the base. Next, have your child select a color and spell out the name of the color as you open and close the hero name generator. Then allow your child to select a number and open and close the hero name generator that many times. Now, have your child pick another number, open the tab and announce your child’s hero name: the mighty word and then your child’s name.

Download Printable

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