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Brave Explorer
Learning Program

Inspiring the next generation of brave explorers

Noggin Develops Knowledge Discovery in Kids

What will your kids discover in Noggin? A whole universe of knowledge! Kids learn to become curious, critical, and compassionate thinkers through their roles as little scientists, engineers, artists, biologists – and brave explorers.

Science & Engineering​

Kids will love examining concepts and topics in biology, physics, chemistry, earth science, and engineering.

Arts & History

Noggin excites kids’ curiosity about subjects from visual and performing arts to literature and history.

Places & Culture

Our brave explorers discover the diverse world they live in by learning about different people, places, and cultures.

Science & Engineering

Be an Engineer

From engineering to architecture, Noggin kids learn topics from machines and coding to cities and buildings.

Play On the Job: Rocket Engineer

3-2-1 – BLAST OFF! Kids join Blaze and engineer Leonard in designing, building, and launching their very own custom rocket. They’ll learn fundamental STEM concepts as Leonard shows how engineers make rocket ships with weight and force in mind. Take the lead at Mission Control to launch your rocket in a BLAZING liftoff!

Be an Investigator

Kids explore and experiment with subjects, including biology, physics, chemistry, and earth science.

Watch Balloon Builders

Pop into our host Shana’s studio, and watch as she blows your kids away with her balloon building skills! Kids will love watching her create amazing balloon animals while learning wildly fascinating facts about each creature.

Balloon Builders

Arts & History

Be an Artist

Little artists get creative while learning about music and visual and performing arts.

Play Bubble Guppies: Dive into The Met

It’s field trip day at the historic Metropolitan Museum of Art! Kids take a deep dive with the Bubble Guppies into a diverse group of famous works from different cultures and countries. Players search and find unique details in each piece to learn more about the artwork. Then it’s your little artist’s turn to make a splash with their creative rendition of each painting!

Be a Storyteller

By listening to others’ stories – and creating new ones of their own – our young storytellers explore the world of literature and history.

Watch Rhymes through Times: Sing Our Song

Discover Noggin’s award-winning musical series! A cast of Nick Jr. characters take the stage portraying Black heroes through history, with music written and performed by Christopher Jackson of Hamilton. Our new episode spotlights Aretha Franklin – universally known as the “Queen of Soul,” she was one of the greatest musicians ever!

Places & Culture

Noggin Knows

Be a Traveler

People, places, and cultures come alive through virtual travel experiences that leverage real-world imagery and places.

Watch Noggin Knows

Go to school the Noggin way, where kids learn all about science, social studies, music, and more alongside their favorite characters! Little learners can join Noggin’s virtual class, led by our amazing teacher Emmanuel Carter and extraordinary experts who bring education to life. Ready to see what YOUR Noggin knows?

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New content added weekly

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Kid-safe & ad-free

New content added weekly

Accessible on multiple devices

Downloadable books & games for offline play

Develop Knowledge Discovery in Kids

Through relatable, kid-friendly content, they’ll explore the diverse world they live in by learning about different places, people, and cultures. We’ll spark their curiosity in subjects ranging from biology and chemistry to literature, visual arts, and history through engaging interactive games and shows.