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Mighty Minds
Learning Program

The ABCs of early literacy and the beginning math skills that really count

Noggin Develops Math and Literacy Skills
in Kids

Kids will explore the exciting world of language and math that surrounds us every day. They’ll love learning their ABCs and 123s, plus everything in between and beyond – including early reading, shapes, patterns, and comprehension skills.

Patterns & Matching

Early learners practice matching and sorting while exploring patterns through interactive play.


Little mathematicians add up foundational math skills that include counting, quantity, measurement, addition, and subtraction.


Children discover different shapes while learning about position – which helps them solve problems and navigate the world around them.

Vocabulary & Comprehension

We build kids’ vocabulary and comprehension – helping them to understand details and predict events.


Noggin kids begin with letters and sounds before embarking on early reading skills.


Kids have fun practicing early writing skills, from letters and numbers to spelling words.


Patterns & Matching

Matching & Sorting

When kids learn that objects have the same characteristics, they can begin to match them together and to sort similar or dissimilar objects into different groups.

Play Perfect Pair

Kids team up with Santiago as a new contestant in this fast-paced interactive game show. They put their skills to the test in finding the pair that is the perfect match. From colors and shapes to everyday objects — the challenges get more difficult as the game adapts to individual performance. Ready, set, MATCH!

Learning Patterns

Little kids learn to copy and extend repeating and growing patterns. Then, they’re ready to create their own patterns!

Play Mission: Messed Up Metropolis

Join fellow agents Marshall, Milli, and Gil on a mission to save the city of Messed-Up Metropolis once and for all. In this mission, kids use their pattern skills to complete a series of challenges which automatically adapt to each child's ability, so all ages can learn and play.


Learning Counting & Quantity

Little mathematicians learn foundational skills, such as identifying numbers and counting in sequence while also understanding quantity – or how many are in a group.

Play Mission: The Penguins’ Tricky Trek

Blistering Blizzards Agent! Join Bot and Everest in a race against time to get brave Mommy penguins home before their eggs hatch. Kids learn about numbers that indicate the position of something in a series, also known as ordinal numbers, in a series of challenges that adapt to their performance.

Adding & Subtracting

Early learners build basic early adding skills before progressing to subtraction.

Play Mission: The Penguins’ Tricky Trek

Hop in a time machine and travel back to Ancient Egypt! It’s the Pharaoh’s 6th birthday and your mission is to throw her the ultimate birthday bash. Kids team up with agents Molly, Blue, and Bot and develop their addition skills through a series of activities which automatically adapt to their abilities.


When learning to measure, kids first use everyday objects to compare length, height, and width before utilizing rulers, scales, and other standard measures.

Play Royal Champions Challenge

Are you ready for the Royal Tournament? Kids help competitors Chase, Rusty Rivets, Shimmer, and Shine by using their math, reading and engineering skills to help them become the Royal Champions!


Learning Shapes

Children first recognize defining features of different shapes before they are able to construct and deconstruct them.

Play Mission: Dodo’s Pogo Fiasco

Agent, join fellow agents Magenta and Rocky in a race to fix Shape City's new mural before the Mayor's big unveiling. Kids will put their knowledge of simple and advanced shapes to the test in a series of challenges that adapt to their progress. Will you turn this messy mishap into a work of art?

Understanding Position

Noggin kids learn to understand words that describe position (for example: in, out, above). This leads to their explaining directions and helping them navigate the space around them.

Play PAW Patrol: Adventure City Rescues

The PAW Patrol pack takes on Adventure City! Mayor Humdinger is causing trouble everywhere, and the pups need your child’s help. Kids will love working with Chase, Skye – and the newest pup, Liberty – while powering up spatial relations and problem-solving skills.


Vocabulary & Comprehension

What's the Word

Building Vocabulary

Noggin kids first learn to understand words and what they mean before using their vocabulary to express feelings and thoughts.

Watch What’s the Word?

Amp up your child’s vocabulary with Noggin’s original musical series What’s the Word? – featuring Darryl “DMC” McDaniels! Join him and your kids’ favorite characters as they showcase a new word each episode.

Practicing Comprehension

Children practice comprehension skills by learning to understand details, as well as sequencing events and predicting what happens next.

Play Bucket Bistro

At her Bucket Bistro, Molly needs YOUR kids to serve up some mouth-watering orders for the hungry customers. Kids need to listen carefully as Molly calls out off-the-wall combos to fill each bucket. They’ll use their listening comprehension skills in a series of interactive challenges that adapt to their progress.


Learning Letters & Sounds

Little learners first work on recognizing letters and the sounds they make before identifying syllables and starting to spell.

Play Make & Bake a Champion Cake

The Big Bake Off is ON! Team up with Marshall to help make this cake the winner. First, spread the icing and then add some tasty toppings. Kids will get to use their letter identification skills in a series of super-sweet challenges that adapt to their progress.

Early Reading

Noggin helps early readers learn word families, blending sounds, and recognizing common sight words.

Read Bob Books

Noggin learners have access to this award-winning series! Kids, parents, and teachers love these best-selling early-literacy books that make learning to read easy and fun with a clean layout, short words, simple phonics, and sweet, funny stories.


Writing Letters, Words & Numbers

Early writers begin by making lines, dots, and pictures to express their thoughts before progressing to tracing and writing letters and numbers.

Play ABC Farm

Kids’ writing skills bloom here at Letter Farm! Your little farmers will watch as Chase or Skye digs the shape of an uppercase letter into the ground, then drops in seeds. Now it’s your child’s turn! They’ll plant and water the seeds by tracing the letter multiple times cultivating their fine motor skills.

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Kid-safe & ad-free

New content added weekly

Accessible on multiple devices

Downloadable books & games for offline play

Develop Math and Literacy Skills in Kids

Our Mighty Minds adventure teaches kids how to read and write while exploring the wide range of foundational math skills, introducing each one step by step. Because early learners discover letter sounds before they sound out words – and they recognize numbers before mastering beginning addition and subtraction. Through a library of interactive literacy activities and fun math games for kids, we’re on a mission to grow confident writers, lifelong readers, and passionate mathematicians!