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Dance Squad Chant

Our Dance Squad chant isn’t just for dancing! You can inspire positivity every day for your child by practicing our official chant. It’s a great way to brighten your little one’s day, take a calming moment, or ease them into any transitions in your routine.

Dance Squad with Ailey

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Practice the Dance Squad Chant with your child.

I will respect others with the words I say
I will keep a positive attitude all day
I will listen and learn while I play
Because movement has meaning when we dance how we’re feeling

Use this chant anytime! Some moments may include:

  • When your child wakes up
  • Before school
  • Helping to relax or recharge
  • During a walk or car ride
  • Before a dance party!

Ask Your Child

  • How do you feel when you say this chant?
  • How do you feel after saying this chant?
  • When would you like to say this chant?
  • Do you want to say it more than once at a time?

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