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Noggin is packed with preschool favorites! Subscribe today to gain unlimited access to our ever-expanding library of over 1,500 ad-free episodes. Our quality preschool shows have a lot to offer. While kids watch, they’re soaking up science, leaping into literacy, building up their mighty math powers, and so much more! Learn about the shows and characters kids love below.

PAW Patrol

PAW Patrol stars a pack of pups — Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye, all led by a boy named Ryder. The PAW Patrol goes on high-stakes rescue missions to protect Adventure Bay while teaching kids how to solve problems through teamwork.

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Blaze and the Monster Machines

Blaze and the Monster Machines features Blaze, the world’s most amazing monster truck, and his driver, AJ. Preschoolers help Blaze on his adventures in Axle City, solving problems based on a STEM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, math).

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Bubble Guppies

Dive into a watery world of learning and music with the Bubble Guppies! This hilarious, variety-style kids show teaches preschoolers science, math, and reading while it explores themes such as dinosaurs, recycling, rock ‘n roll, colors, and cowboys.

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Shimmer & Shine

Join Shimmer and Shine, twin genies-in-training, as they grant wishes for their best friend, Leah. The wishes don’t always go as planned, leaving them with a magical mess to clean up! By working together the trio solves problems to make things right again!

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Blue’s Clues & You!

When kids play along with Blue’s Clues & You! interactive videos, they clue into a curriculum of literacy, math, science, and the arts. By helping Josh and Blue, they collect the learning tools they need to get ready for school.

Team Umizoomi

It’s Team Umizoomi to the rescue! Join Milli, Geo, Bot, and UmiCar to help solve everyday problems in Umi City. Preschoolers will need to use their “Mighty Math Powers” like shape recognition, counting, sorting, measuring, and patterns to help the team.

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Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is an energetic piggy who lives with her Mummy, Daddy, and little brother, George. She loves to jump in mud puddles and make loud snorting noises. Episodes feature fun, everyday activities that support kids’ social and emotional development.

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Dora the Explorer

Join Dora, Boots, Backpack, Map, and Swiper for preschool adventures in your backyard and around the world. Preschoolers can sing, dance, learn math, reading, Spanish words and more as they help Dora on her adventures.

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Mutt & Stuff

Meet Calvin and the extraordinary dogs of Mutt & Stuff, the coolest dog school on the planet! Kids will love watching Zippy, Grandma, and the The Barks Brothers, Giggle and Wiggle perform amazing tricks, put on dance parties, dress up in costumes, and more. There’s even a puppy playpen!

Becca’s Brunch

Join Becca and her friends, Russell, Sylvia, and Pedro, in Wagtail Woods; where there’s always a sticky situation to solve. When kids go on adventures with Becca’s Bunch, they’ll learn that with compassion, empathy, and a can-do attitude, anything is possible!

Nella the Princess Knight

Nella is more than a princess and more than a knight. She’s the princess-knight! With the help of her friends Sir Garret, Trinket, and Clod, Nella breaks barriers, challenges expectations, and fights for justice on every adventure. A hero unlike any other, Nella always stays true to herself through determination, power, and courage.

Rusty Rivets

When there’s a job to do and the stakes are sky high, Rusty and his best buds Ruby and Botasaur invent and innovate their way out of every jam! They do so by repurposing spare parts and other found objects into awesome contraptions. They modifidy and Rustify them! Rusty Rivets is a show modeled after the Maker Movement which is all about solving existing problems by creating new devices and gadgets from unused, discarded or broken tech devices.

Tot Cop

Tot Cop is an interactive adventure show revolving around Tot Cop and his stuffed kangaroo partner Officer Ruth. When there’s a mystery to solve, they enter an imaginary world to put the clues together and crack the case!

Blue’s Clues

Blue’s Clues is an award-winning, half-hour animated series. The show stars one of two live-action hosts, Steve or his brother Joe, and an energetic, bright blue puppy named Blue. In each episode, Joe or Steve invites preschoolers into an imagination-filled storybook world to help solve the day’s puzzles.

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Max & Ruby

Meet two funny bunny siblings, the energetic and mischievous Max, and the patient, smart, and goal-oriented Ruby. The show models empowering messages by showing Max and Ruby playing together and resolving their differences respectfully and supportively.


Get word-wise with Wallykazam! Join Wally, BobGoblin, Norville and friends for adventures in the world of words and reading. Watch as words come to life with the wave of Wally’s magic stick. Anything is possible with Wally all he needs is a word!

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Canticos pairs classic nursery rhymes from all over the Spanish-speaking world with adorable animal characters, to create eduational music videos.Kids can learn simple vocabulary words, numbers, the days of the week, and more, in English and Spanish!

Digby Dragon

Digby is a kind-hearted dragon in training whose thirst for adventure often gets him into the strangest situations. Yet Digby’s bravery and determination to tackle any obstacle make him a true hero and the perfect preschool companion. Join him and his friends, Grumpy Goblin, Fizzy the fairy, and Chips the squirrel, for one wild ride in Digby Dragon!

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

Ni Hao, Kai-lan follows the everyday adventures of Kai-lan, an exuberant preschooler, and her friends Rintoo the tiger, Tolee the koala, and Hoho the monkey. In every episode, the friends come up with something fun to do, from putting on a music show to racing dragon boats. They need to find whimsical and creative ways to overcome obstacles in the social and emotional world around them. Preschoolers are invited to join their adventures and learn Chinese words along the way.

Wonder Pets!

Wonder Pets! follows the adventures of three classroom pets–Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming Duckling, and Turtle Tuck–who travel around the globe saving animals in trouble. Like real preschoolers, these three unlikely heroes don’t have any actual super powers but, by working together, they can conquer any obstacle. Featuring photo-puppetry animation, each episode is like a mini-opera with dialogue often sung to an original score by some of Broadway’s top composers.


The Backyardigans is a musical-adventure series featuring Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin who rely on their vivid imaginations to transform their backyard into a fantastical 3-D landscape, where together they embark on amazing epic journeys.

Moose and Zee

Preschoolers can sing, play, and learn along the way with two hosts with the most charisma, Moose and Zee! Moose A., like any good teacher, is welcoming, engaging, and stoo-pendeous! And he loves pie. He encourages curiosity, teaches lessons through questioning, and acts as your child’s “co-adventurer.” Although Moose’s partner, Zee, doesn’t speak, he uses a flappy wing or a hoppy jump to show his excitement. They’re the perfect pair. Look out for Moose and Zee between your child’s favorite shows!

Franklin and Friends

Franklin and Friends is a CGI series that stars Franklin, the quintessential kid next door. Along with his friends Bear, Beaver, Rabbit, Goose, Aunt T, and many more, Franklin experiences milestones and adventures that all kids can relate to. Relationships, family values, and personal growth are at the heart of this beautiful show set in the community of Woodland.

Fresh Beat Band

Get up off your feet and jam out with the Fresh Beats! The Fresh Beat Band inspires kids to get active with dance and teaches musical terms and music appreciation. The four best friends Twist, Shout, Marina, and Kiki also model problem-solving and teamwork in every episode!

Go, Diego, Go!

Go, Diego, Go! follows the adventures of Dora’s cousin Diego, a escue hero who loves nature and animals. Using observation skills and scientific tools like computers, a field journal, and cameras–and with help from young viewers at home–Diego rescues animals in trouble while introducing kids to information about each animal’s sound, movement, habitat, diet, family, and physical characteristics.

Hey Duggee

Join the Squirrels, Tag, Betty, Roly, Happy, and Norrie, as they laugh with their lovable leader, Duggee, during his adventures club! Duggee encourages his playful pack to discover new things about the world around them by being active and working as a team.

Little Bear

Little Bear is an animated series based on the popular children’s books illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Little Bear follows the spirited adventures of a curious young cub and his animal friends. Every episode is comprised of 7 stories and each story follows an adventure, game, and an act of imagination in Little Bear’s day. The series celebrates the playful and sometimes enchanted aspects of the everyday activities and important moments in a preschooler’s life.

Miffy and Friends

Miffy is a charming young bunny who’s excited about the world around her! She enjoys spending time with her friends and discovering new things, big and small. Miffy’s world is colorful yet simple, making it easy for preschoolers to understand.

Peter Rabbit

Welcome to the magical, timeless world of Peter Rabbit. His taste for radishes and thrist for adventure propel Peter and his friends Benjamin and Lily through action-packed journey’s that thrill preschoolers, teaching them to be optimistic and resilient.

Zack & Quack

Enter exciting new worlds and have amazing voyages unfold before your eyes. Zack and Quack is an animated series full of fantastical surprises set inside the most amazing pop-up book ever, where pulling each tab brings exciting and unexpected things.