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Your child can go to school the Noggin way – with our amazing teacher, their favorite friends, and experts that bring learning to life. Noggin Knows host, Emmanuel Carter, uses his love for learning, dancing, and singing to guide kids through a series of themed lessons, alongside their favorite Nick Jr. characters.

What Kids Will Learn


Music & Movement


What Kids Will Learn


Music & Movement


Season 3

Now Available!

Noggin Knows is back on the road with new episodes – and a new class! PAW Patrol’s Everest and Marshall join Zooli and Goby from Bubble Guppies – as everyone’s favorite teacher Emmanuel leads them on fresh adventures, answering all the BIG questions their Noggins have. Do animals talk to each other? And how can I visit the moon? What do you think the answers are?


Noggin Knows Postcards

Is there something YOUR child’s Noggin wants to know? Send a postcard to Emmanuel!

Sneak Peek!

Join Emmanuel as he talks to a real retired astronaut and shares the many ways your child can one day become a part of the NASA team!

Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1

Do Animals Talk?

Emmanuel and his class take a trip to the safari to learn how animals talk to each other!

Episode 2

How Can I Get to the Moon?

Blast off with Emmanuel, Everest and the class on a field trip to NASA to meet an astronaut and learn how to get to the moon!

Episode 3

Why Do We Lose Our Baby Teeth?

Emmanuel and his class visit a fun dentist office to learn why we lose our baby teeth & Zooli loses her first baby tooth!

Episode 4

How Do Firetrucks Shoot Water?

Marshall wants to know how fire trucks shoot water so Emmanuel and the class visit a fire station to learn how!

Episode 5

How Do Balloons Float?

Get ready to go up up up on a hot air balloon ride with Emmanuel and his class as they learn why balloons float!

Episode 6

Are Rhinos Unicorns?

Emmanuel, Everest and the class meet a unicorn expert and find out if rhinos are unicorns!

Season 3 | Postcard Shorts

Now available in the app

Dinosaur Chicken!

Are chickens dinosaurs? Emmanuel teaches you how chickens and dinosaurs are related to each other!

Jellyfish Sandwich!

Emmanuel teaches you whether you can eat a jellyfish sandwich!


Learn about the oldest animal on land: the tortoise!


Learn about the tallest animal in the world: the giraffe!

Lion Pet!

Emmanuel teaches you whether you can have a lion as a pet!

Being Brave!

Emmanuel teaches you how to be brave and face your fears!

Season 2

Available Now

Season 2 of Noggin Knows is on the go!

Embark on a virtual field trip across the country with Rubble, Molly, Santiago, Skye, and Noggin’s favorite teacher Emmanuel. Visit and learn about the Statue of Liberty, the National Parks, and more. Watch a sneak peek now!


Map Out Their Learning Adventure!

Hit the road in Season 2! Track all the stops Emmanuel makes – with Noggin’s fun-filled, printable map of the United States of America. Color it in together with your child, explore and learn about different parts of the country, and discover all our other play-together map activities!


Create a Trip Book!

Help your child capture their favorite moments from Noggin Knows with this creative Trip Book activity.

Season 2 | Episodes

15 Min

Statue of Liberty

Emmanuel and class visit New York and see The Statue of Liberty.

15 Min

Indigenous Americans

Emmanuel and his class travel to Florida, where they learn about Indigenous Americans on a Seminole reservation.

15 Min

One City, Many Cultures

Emmanuel and his class visit Los Angeles, where they meet chefs in Little Tokyo and Olvera Street, and learn about different foods and cultures.

15 Min

Our Coastal Wildlife

Emmanuel and his class visit Monterey Bay, meet a marine biologist, and learn about all sorts of underwater animals.

15 Min

National Parks

Emmanuel and his class visit Yellowstone National Park, meet a park interpreter, and learn about how we protect animals and land.

15 Min

Folk Songs

Emmanuel and his class visit Nashville, where they meet a real folk musician, and learn about how folk music tells stories of people and places.

Season 2 | Flipbooks

Now available in the app

Time Periods

How Did the Statue of Liberty Get Here

Hop in the flip book as we learn all about the Statue of Liberty.

Time Periods

Let's Hear a Seminole Story

Hop in the flip book as we hear a Seminole story.


Do All Languages Use the Same Words?

Hop in the flip book as we learn about different languages.


How Does a Tide Pool Work?

Hop in the flip book as we learn all about the Statue of Liberty.


Yellowstone Park Is on a Volcano?!

Hop in the flip book as we hear a Seminole story.


Where Do Songs Come From?

Hop in the flip book as we learn all about different types of music.

Season 1 | Episodes

24 Min


We learn about dinosaurs and have a rock-out dinosaur dance party!

24 Min


We boldly go into deep space and learn a fun new dance about the planets!

24 Min


We get to the root of the matter about plants and make a fun dance about photosynthesis.

24 Min

The Ocean

We do a deep dive about the ocean and create an ocean-themed song and dance.

24 Min


You did it! Join our teacher Emmanuel to reflect on all we've learned and celebrate with a fun graduation dance.

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