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Introducing Noggin’s Partnership with NASA

Noggin is launching big learning for little kids – this time with NASA! We are excited to showcase all the learning content we developed in partnership with NASA and how our collaboration is bringing a whole universe of space knowledge to your little astronauts at home.

The White House Recognizes Noggin

The White House announced their commitment to inspire, prepare, and employ the space workforce and highlighted Noggin’s efforts “to inspire youth to pursue space STEM careers.

Interactive Games & Videos in Partnership with NASA

Go On the Job – and Onboard Expedition 64 InFlight – with NASA and Noggin!

On the Job: Rocket Engineer

What Kids Will Learn: Machines

Accordion Content

3, 2, 1 – blast off to outer space with your very own rocket ship in this cosmic adventure. Join Blaze and engineer Leonard in designing, building, and launching a custom rocket. Along the way, kids will learn some fundamental engineering concepts as Leonard shows how to make rocket ships with weight and force in mind. Take the lead at Mission Control to launch your rocket in a BLAZING liftoff!

On the Job: Astronaut

What Kids Will Learn: Physics

Accordion Content

Suit up to come aboard the space station with Goby and astronaut Noora for an interstellar adventure! Get hands-on as you help direct robots, practice science-thinking, and fix a snack – astronaut style. Hold on to your space snack or it might float away. Enjoy a gravity-defying day as a junior astronaut! 

Expedition 64 InFlight with Noggin

How many minutes does it take to get to outer space? Can you arm wrestle in space? Watch as real Noggin kids ask questions to NASA astronauts about living and working in space!

Family Fun for Everyone

10 Fun Facts About Space

How much do you and your little learner know about space? Discover 10 out-of-this-world facts.

NASA Booklist for Kids

Explore space through the adventure of reading with this special booklist for kids! 

Build a Straw Rocket

Get hands-on with this off-screen family activity inspired by NASA

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Kid-safe & ad-free

New content added weekly

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Downloadable books & games for offline play

About Ailey

Since its first historic performance in 1958, Ailey has been innovating and evolving the perception of American modern dance throughout the world. Noggin is honored to partner with them in helping kids all over get up moving, learning, and expressing their feelings through dance. Because movement has meaning when we dance how we’re feeling!