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Delicious Details

Invite kids to put on their chef hats – and listening ears!

What They’ll Learn

Kids will recall the instructions from a recipe in order to make a fun and healthy snack.


During snack time, talk with your child about how important listening is, especially in the kitchen. Following directions in a recipe helps us make yummy things to eat!

Pick a simple snack recipe that has 3-5 steps. (See below for suggestions.)

Start by presenting one step of the recipe at a time. Then, gradually increase to multistep directions. Use language such as "first," "next," and "last" to help describe the order of the steps (e.g., “First, you spread tomato sauce on the bagel. Next, sprinkle some cheese on top.”).

See how many details your child can recall as they assemble the snack.

Enjoy the snack together!

Parent Tips

Snack Ideas

Mini Sandwiches

Use cucumber slices, crackers, or bread cut into quarters. Choose fillings such as cream cheese, raisins, cheese slices, tuna fish, turkey – anything you like!

Pizza Bagels

On mini bagels, layer on tomato sauce, shredded cheese, veggies (such as mushrooms or pepper), plus any other ingredients, like chunks of pineapple and ham.

Ants on a Log

Fill a celery stalk with hummus, cottage cheese.

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