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Float Like a Butterfly

Flutter through summer with a beautiful pair of butterfly wings. The best part? You finally have a use for those big cardboard boxes!

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Troop Dragonfly: Butterflies!

What They’ll Learn



What You'll Need

How to Create

  1. Use a large piece of cardboard as the base for your wings. Draw the shape of the butterfly wings with a black marker.
  2. Using crayons, markers, paint, tissue paper and/or construction paper, help your child design their wings. (If using construction or tissue paper, help them cut pieces that fit the wings, then glue them in place.)
  3. Have a grown-up cut along the black marker line to cut out the butterfly wings.
  4. Add string. Cut one long piece of thick string or rope. Create a big loop by tying the two ends together. Then tie another knot in the middle of the loop so that you create two loops – one for each arm. (Adjust string/rope so it fits comfortably but doesn’t droop.)
  5. Use strong tape, like packing tape, to secure down the rope or string to the center top of the cardboard wings. (Or have a grown-up use a hole puncher or scissors to punch two holes next to each other at the top of the wings so you can thread the rope through the holes.)
  6. Slightly bend the two wings together, but carefully so it doesn’t break. Now your little butterfly is ready to fly!

Parent Tips

  • Paint outdoors for easier clean up and for even more nature inspiration.
  • Thinner cardboard will provide for easier cutting, and when bent, it will allow kids to flap more easily.
  • For the best-fitting wings, first tie the rope or string in a loose knot, then have your little butterfly put their arms through the two loops. Adjust the rope or string so it's snug but not too tight before creating a strong knot and taping it down.

Talking Tips

  • Ask your child to look for butterflies together outside!
  • Explain how butterflies camouflage and blend in with their surroundings. Ask your child how they could camouflage their butterfly in their surroundings.
  • Ask your child how a butterfly flies.

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