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Let’s Get Crafty!

Hand Print Dino

The ultimate (and easy) hands-on craft for your little dino lover – with both simple supplies and steps.

What They’ll Learn



What You'll Need

How to Create

Help your child paint their palm and fingers with the color of their choice.

Show them how to flip their hand over, press it gently against the paper, then slowly lift it off. Take a quick break to wash the paint off your child’s hand!

Use some paint to fill in any missed spots on the paper.​ Help your child paint the neck and head of your dinosaur.

Finish off by painting an eye and some grass by the feet with the second paint color!

Parent Tips

  • Have your child wear a short-sleeved shirt or help them to roll up their long sleeve.
  • Use a tray or baking sheet to minimize mess.

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