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Rubble’s Silly Story Time!

Start a stimulating story time using stupendous blends! Kids will practice identifying words that start with the same blend and use them to make up a silly story.

What They’ll Learn

Identifying Blends

What You'll Need

Their imagination!

How to Play

  1. Pick a blend that is found at the beginning of lots of words, such as “st.” Explain that the letters “s” and “t” work together to make the sound /st/.
  2. Ask your child what words they can think of that start with that blend. Feel free to work as a team!
  3. How many of these words can you use to tell a silly story featuring Rubble? For example, “Rubble stopped when a stork started to stare at him in the store.”
  4. If you’d like, have your child draw their silly story!
  5. While your child is drawing, ask:
    • Can you think of other words that begin with “st”?
    • How many more “st” words can we come up with by working together as a team?
  6. Using another blend, make up a new story with another favorite Noggin character!

For Parents

What is a “blend”?

When words have two letter sounds that come together to make a specific sound, it is called a blend. Some examples are stop, flag, and play. These blends can be at the beginning, middle, or end of a word. For this activity, we are focusing on blends at the beginning of words.

What are some examples of commonly found blends?

For this activity, we suggest starting with the following blends:

st: star, stop, step, stone, stamp, steak, stove,

tr: tree, truck, train, trucks, trash, track, tractor, trees, tracks

fl: fly, flag, flags, flute, flower, flea, flamingo

Other common blends found at the beginning of words include:

bl, cl, gl, pl, sl, br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, sc, sl, sm, sn, sp, squ, sw

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