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Animal Guessing Game

Animals stretch, leap, hop, and climb. Pretend to be amazing animals, and see if someone can guess who you are!


  • Moving your body like an animal builds muscles.
  • Guessing builds cognitive skills.

What You'll Need


Here’s how to explain this activity to your child:

  1. Animals move in all different ways. Snakes like to slither, kangaroos love to hop, and birds fly through the sky!
  2. Let’s play an animal guessing game. I’ll run super fast or flap my wings or pretend to be another amazing animal — and you try to guess what I am.
  3. Now it’s your turn. Can you pretend to be an animal? I’ll guess your animal!
  4. Let’s play again!

Extend the Learning

Play an animal movement game with our printable masks! Simply cut out the eyes from each animal mask; place the masks face down on the table; and when a player picks and holds up a mask, the other players give clues by making sounds and moving like that animal until the player can guess what animal mask they are wearing! Have more fun by learning to dance like Chickaletta and discovering weird but wonderful animals.

Words to Use

Flap – To move up and down

Leap – To jump in the air

Slither – To slide on your stomach

Pro Tip

Help your child by adding the sounds an animal might make so guessing is a little easier. If your child is ready for a challenge, make up an animal dance for each animal!

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