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DIY Guatemalan Worry Doll

Created in partnership with

A special Learn & Play Activity from our friends at Mighty Kind!

Fun fact: Guatemalan worry dolls – or "muñecas quitapenas" – have a wonderful legend associated with them. According to Mayan folklore, you can whisper your concerns to your worry dolls, then place them under your pillow before bedtime. It is believed that the dolls will work through the night to take away your worries so you can sleep peacefully. In the morning, your worries are said to be gone, thanks to these tiny, compassionate dolls.

What They’ll Learn


What You'll Need

How to Create

Help your child cut 1 long wooden stick for the doll body and one smaller stick for the arms.

Before slipping a wooden bead on one end of the longer stick (this will be the head), wrap tape around the end of the stick to keep the bead from sliding off.

Place the “arms” stick across the “body” stick to create a t-shape, then wrap with tape to hold in place.

First wrap string around the tape at the “neck,” then in an X shape over the tape that holds the arms and body together. Tuck in string or glue to secure.

Help your child cut a scrap piece of fabric to fit the length from under the arms to the bottom of body, then wrap it around body. Secure with a string belt around fabric (tie or glue to secure).

Wrap string 5-10x around 3-4 fingers, and help your child cut ends of loop to make hair.

Glue hair to top and back of head.

Optional: Draw face with pen or makers.

Optional: Instead of wooden sticks, you can shape and twist pipe cleaners to make the body and arms.

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