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All About Me

Identity & Belonging

Skills, passions, preferences, physical traits, culture, language, and more make children who they are! Having a strong sense of their identity helps kids build confidence.

You can access Big Heart activities with your Noggin subscription.

You can access Big Heart activities with your Noggin subscription.

Why is identity & belonging important in early childhood development?

Children can build important skills like:

Developing a sense of belonging to their family, friends, and community

Acknowledging what is important to them (and to their family, friends, and community)

Being aware of their own physical body and capabilities

Understanding it’s within their control to change their behavior, make different choices, and see different results

Experiencing positive feelings of acceptance, recognition and likability

Big Heart World Guide for Parents and Caregivers

Check out this guide in English and Spanish


Learn with Noggin

Get kids engaged and inspired with fun, interactive content in Noggin that builds important skills in identity and belonging. 

Learn About Me: Create + Color

Accordion Content

Let’s make a book, all about YOU! With the help of their Nick Jr. friends, kids can identify and explore their preferences, feelings, and interests while recording them in books they’ll create and illustrate. Encourage kids to color, create, and celebrate all the things that make them special!

Big Heart Beats Album: Like Nobody Else

Accordion Content

Marisol and Marquis from the Big Heart Kids celebrate how awesome and unique they each are!

Noggins at Work!

Accordion Content

Help your child learn about job and career words with the Noggins at Work! The Noggins are very busy being a Plumber, a Nurse and a group of Musicians!

Blue’s Clues & You! Virtual Playdate #4

Accordion Content

Have a virtual playdate with Josh and Blue! Get ready for mail time, a concert, and drawing!

Playtime Learning

Read, play, and learn together with a family-fun activity and curated book lists.

Big Heart World Book List

Recommended reads to help your child grow in understanding, starting with themself.

Identity & Belonging Book List

This curated list of relatable, engaging stories helps strengthen kids’ awareness of themselves and how they connect to the world.

"Like Nobody Else" Coloring Book

Print this color-in storybook of the characters from the “Like Nobody Else” music video.

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