Welcome to Camp Noggin

This summer, your child can spend 4 weeks with their favorite Noggin characters playing and learning! Help your child follow their passions as they explore 4 different themes, earn special badges, get one-of-a-kind Camper Kits, and share their work in our gallery! 

Camp Noggin’s Campground Rules

We only have 2 rules here at Camp Noggin:

• Everyone is welcome!

• Use your imagination and HAVE FUN!

It’s Detective Week at Camp Noggin

Visit the DETECTIVE Tent to investigate mysteries, find clues, and solve problems! 

Use your noggin to solve problems!

Use your noggin and imagination to make new things!
Use your noggin to move your body and explore the world!
Use your noggin to figure out why things work the way they do!


Let’s read together!

Submit your camper’s creations!

In the Noggin App

  • Visit Camp Noggin in the app
  • Watch camp counselor Molly’s greeting
  • Play games, read books, and complete other activities