Blaze is Axle City’s greatest hero and its number one racer! Fast and fearless, he’s unbeatable on the track thanks to his blazing speed! But he can think fast, too! Blaze knows everything about science, technology, engineering, and math! And when things get really tough, he can use his scientific know-how to transform himself into any machine. Blaze is the only truck in town with a human driver: his best pal, AJ.


Blaze’s best pal and driver, AJ, is a thrill seeker who loves to drive fast, fly high, and make a big splash. AJ is a technology expert who knows all about different machines and how they work. He has special skywriting gloves that he uses to sketch his designs in the air, as well as an amazing helmet visor that acts as a super tool for calculating distance, weights, and speeds. With AJ behind the wheel, Blaze is able to meet every challenge head on with scientific thinking.


Gabby’s a mechanic with serious monster truck know-how. She runs Blaze and his monster pals’ favorite hangouts: Axle City’s garage and truck wash. With her trusty tools, Gabby is caretaker to all of the top racing trucks in town. She will tighten your fuel line, boost your suspension, and fix your gear ratio–all before lunch.


Blaze’s biggest rival, Crusher, is an egomaniacal tractor-trailer that will do anything to beat the other racers to the finish line. Cheating is Crusher’s specialty. So when it comes to winning, no trick is too underhanded for Crusher. He’s constantly building contraptions to stop Blaze and his pals. And despite being the biggest truck around, Crusher is nothing but a big baby. He whines about being the best at everything, and can’t stand when another truck’s got something he doesn’t have.


Pickle is Crusher’s over-enthusiastic, under-appreciated sidekick. He is a mini monster truck whose job is to try to be the voice of Crusher’s conscience. Unfortunately, his good advice usually falls on deaf wheels. But through it all, Pickle is always there for his pal Crusher–especially when plans go awry and Crusher gets his inevitable comeuppance. Unlike his best friend Crusher, Pickle is a huge Blaze fan.


Darrington is the ultimate showman. He loves to dazzle with his amazing tricks and stunts even though he rarely sticks the landing. Despite being a bit unrealistic with what he can and can’t do, Darrington is a fearless competitor who never lets a few crashes stop him from dreaming big.


Stripes is an impetuous tiger truck who’s always ready for action. With a signature growl, he leaps and pounces like a cat, and he’s great at jumping and climbing. He has tiger claws that help him to climb trees (or just about anything), as well as super senses, especially his sense of smell.


Part monster machine, part triceratops, Zeg is Blaze’s best prehistoric pal. Zeg’s favorite activities are smashing and bashing. But despite his brute tendencies, inside Zeg is a big softy with a gentle demeanor and a loveable laugh.


Starla is a hootin’, hollerin cowgirl Monster Machine. A roping expert, Starla’s as quick with a lasso as she is on the racetrack. Starla is an outspoken personality who’s never shy about expressing herself through the occasional country song or with a bellowing shout of “yee-haw!”