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She’s spunky, imaginative, a natural born leader, and she’s mighty good at math! She has a special dress that can change to any pattern, and she can put the pattern on anything she wants by singing “Pattern Power!” As the Team’s pattern expert, she delights in exploring hidden patterns all over Umi City. Milli has a playful, dynamic nature and loves to play chameleon by cleverly blending into her surroundings. Singing “Milli Measure!” makes Milli’s ponytails grow super long. They’re perfect for measuring anything; like the tallest building or the heaviest bucket of water, which comes in handy when Team Umizoomi needs to solve a problem!

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Geo is Milli’s brother. He is a ball of energy with a “Go! Go! Go!” approach to life. Geo ZOOMS everywhere on his Super Skates, and this physical dynamo loves showing off his awesome skate tricks. Geo is the shape expert and master builder of Team Umizoomi. With his Shape Belt and Blueprints, he can build anything! By singing “Super Shapes!” he turns simple shapes into mighty 3-D vehicles. Whether the Team needs a submarine, a rocket, or a hot-air balloon, Geo’s got it covered!

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Bot is everybody’s best robot friend! He is the fun-loving caretaker of the team, with gadgets galore and smart technology. When a kid in Umi City has a problem, they send out an Umi-Alarm, which is picked up by Bot’s antenna. The preschooler appears on Bot’s Belly Screen and gives the Team their mission. The Belly Screen can show us all kinds of handy visuals and information to help us on our mission. When we need to know how something works, Bot’s “How Does It Work?” song and schematic break it down for us. His antenna and hands can transform into handy tools, like an umbrella, a loudspeaker, a screwdriver, or a music player. His extendo arms and legs give him super robo-reach. Bot loves to sing and dance, and he is the funny bone of the team.

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