How To Draw the Bubble Guppies

Learn how to draw by putting a few shapes together!

What Campers Will Learn:

Animators are a kind of artist. Your artist will learn from one of Noggin’s animators how to draw Bubble Guppies and then create their own drawings!

Let’s Draw Together

Watch this video a few times and pause it so your artist can create their drawings. Then share your child’s picture with us in the comments on Facebook and Instagram, or email us at

Hi! I’m Frank. An animator from Noggin. Today, I’m going to show you how to draw a Bubble Guppy! First, we start by drawing a circle for the head. Circles are hard so I like to scribble when I draw. It helps me get the shapes better. Now it’s your turn. Next up, I do the body. Guppy bodies are super simple. Almost like a banana. And what Guppy would be complete without a fin? Your turn. I hope you’re keeping up. Oh, I can’t forget the arms and hands! They can be super simple just sticks and circles. Now I’m going to trace over. Make sure I got what I like. Perfect. Now you draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. Like everything else, really simple shapes and lines. Your turn. Can you guess which Guppy I’m drawing? Goby! He’s so much fun to draw. Did you know Guppies are similar but have cool differences just like us? Watch me turn this into another Guppy. Can you guess who? Deema! How could you miss her with her amazing hair? Hmm, I wonder what I would look like as a Guppy? Well, if it really was me, I’d draw a beard. Okay, okay, enough games. I have an idea. How about you draw your very own Guppy and share it in the comments below. I can’t wait to see what you all make. Thanks for watching everybody and keep doodling!

Artist Fact:

Did you know that ART used to be part of the Olympics? Artists won medals for painting, writing music, and creating sculptures!