Fascinating Facts

Learn new facts about bugs!

What Campers will Learn:

Scientists who study bugs are called entomologists. Let’s learn some facts about our not-so-creepy outdoor friends!

Caterpillars are fuzzy worms that turn into butterflies. Did you know caterpillars have 12 eyes?

Did you know that grasshoppers lived before the dinosaurs? Grasshoppers have a special place in their back legs where they store energy so that they can jump really high!

An ant can live up to 30 years and carry 50 times its own weight! They don’t have ears and feel sounds through their feet.

Try This Together! Take a nature walk. If you spot a bug – a butterfly or an ant or another not-so-creepy outdoor friend – take a picture of it and have your scientist draw it when you get home. Then email us at NogginCares@viacom.com so we can share it in our gallery!